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How much your mind can influence your cancer treatment?

Date :12-Mar-2020

Studies have suggested that, while optimism boosts overall mental health, longevity and quality of Life after diagnosis; there is no proof that the progression of cancer can be altered by being positive. A study in Australia reported that patients with a positive...

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Can breastfeeding reduce cancer?

Date :30-Jan-2020

Asset of breastfeeding

Feeding the baby helps the baby to have a healthy start in life. It is believed to be healthy not only for the baby but also for the mother as it is found out that breastfeeding can lower the risk of cancer. Read More

How Cancer Treatment Can Affect Your Eating?

Date :21-Oct-2019


Cancer, as well as its treatments, have unpredictable effects on your body and your appetite. The illness and its treatments may also alter your body's ability to tolerate certain foods and to use nutrients. Many people may experience eating problems during and after the treatments.

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The First Signs Of Breast Cancer To Look Out For

Date :05-Jul-2019

Knowing how your breasts feel and look in general is the first important step to breast health. Breast cancer detected at an early stage can be cured. Early detection of breast cancer leads to better chances of successful treatment. To detect changes in your breast you can go for self-breast examination. But screening tests help to detect breast cancer more easily...

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Smoking & Mouth Cancer

Date :20-Mar-2019

According to statistics, it says 6 out of 10 people suffering from cancer die due to excessive consumption of tobacco. Cigarettes and pipe tobacco are made from dried tobacco leaves. The smoke that releases from these cigarettes is a complex mixture of more than 7000 harmful chemicals among which 70 of them has proved to have carcinogenic elements.

One of the most common types of...

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Early signs of Ovarian Cancer

Date :22-Jan-2019

Ovarian cancer is one of the most common causes of cancer deaths in women. It refers to any sort of cancerous growth originating in the ovary. A lot of factors can result in ovarian cancer including age, reproductive history, and obesity. Most of the times if it is diagnosed at an early stage 94 percent of the patients can survive for a few years. It is highest in...

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