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The First Signs Of Breast Cancer To Look Out For

Date :05-Jul-2019

Knowing how your breasts feel and look in general is the first important step to breast health. Breast cancer detected at an early stage can be cured. Early detection of breast cancer leads to better chances of successful treatment. To detect changes in your breast you can go for self-breast examination. But screening tests help to detect breast cancer more easily in the early stages.

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What are the common signs and symptoms to look for? 

One of the most common symptoms of breast cancer is a lump or mass. Breast cancers can be tender or soft but mostly they feel like painless mass with irregular edges. If you feel that there is a breast lump or mass growing, get it checked immediately. A health care professional can go for better diagnosis procedure to detect whether it's cancer or not. Here is the list of some other early signs and symptoms of breast cancer that most women go through:

  • Swelling of breasts or a part of one breast. This can happen even if there is no distinct lump felt
  • Nipple pain or breast pain
  • Irritation on the outer skin of the breast
  • Retraction of the nipple that is nipple tends to move inwards.
  • Liquidy milk-like discharge from the nipples
  • Redness around the nipple area
  • Change in colour of the nipple or breasts
  • Thickening or scaliness of the nipple


Symptoms apart from the breast area

The signs and symptoms of breast cancer are not only seen near the breast area but it can also spread to the lymph nodes or near the collar bone. If you see your lymph nodes swelling or you feel a lump near the collar bone, it can be a sign of breast cancer.

Hence it's important to conduct an occasional self-examination of breast cancer to detect early symptoms.

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