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How much your mind can influence your cancer treatment?

Date :12-Mar-2020

Studies have suggested that, while optimism boosts overall mental health, longevity and quality of Life after diagnosis; there is no proof that the progression of cancer can be altered by being positive. A study in Australia reported that patients with a positive attitude fared no better or worse than those with not so positive attitudes.

A positive attitude can help by motivating the patients to take better care of themselves. Optimistic people are more likely to eat healthy food; exercise regularly; not to drink alcohol or smoke; in general, behave in ways that are beneficial to them and their treatment.



The largest and best-designed study in this matter was published in 2010. It looked at 60,000 people; followed them for a period of 30 years and was carefully controlled for all known risk factors. And, it found no link between personality traits, overall cancer risks and cancer survival.

Cancer patients often feel guilty about their emotional response to their illness. There is also, at times, this unrealistic pressure, to keep a ‘good attitude.’ Some even feel guilty or blame themselves for ‘not staying positive,’ which adds an emotional burden to an already strained mind.

Many people believe that the mind can control serious diseases. If this were true, one could have prevented cancer from growing in the first place, but it is not.

Based strictly on what we know for scientific fact, as to how cancer starts and grows, there is, unfortunately, no reason to believe that the mind/ emotions can influence its treatment.

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Blog Reviewed By: Dr. Shiva Kumar Uppala
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